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The battle over boater safety between the Buccaneer’s Marina & Resort and the Sailfish Marina has reached epic heights and it has become clear, the Sailfish Marina is more interested in boosting their fuel sales than the safety of the boaters navigating the Lake Worth Inlet along the Palm Beach Shores.

August 15, 2018 – Sailfish Marina has petitioned the Department of Environmental Protection to expand their north dock 20 additional feet toward the Buccaneer marina to make room for bigger boats. This will create a navigational hazard in the waters between the Buccaneer and the Sailfish Marina. Thousands of complaints from the public have poured in regarding how the expansion will infringe on public access to the waterfront by turning out smaller boats in favor of bigger yachts. In 2006, Palm Beach County paid Sailfish Marina $15 million in taxpayer money to ensure public access to the north dock and surrounding waters. “People don’t realize this is more than just a rebuilding of Sailfish Marina, this is taking away what we paid for…it is taking away the public’s access.” Says Capt. John Adams.

After a lawsuit was filed by the Buccaneer against Sailfish Marina blocking their attempt to expand its north dock, the Sailfish Marina has become very aggressive in their efforts to impair the business of the Buccaneer, particularly that of its fuel sales. The Buccaneer has floated several very reasonable settlement proposals that would save both parties tie and money (right now, only the lawyers are benefiting from the ongoing strife); and that would also benefit both parties – AND the public would also be better served. But Sailfish has rejected all our reasonable ideas. Their latest attempts include petitioning a permit granted to the Buccaneer by the DEP to extend its dock allowing for additional boat slips and providing safer and easier access for fueling services. This extension has no impact on the Sailfish Marina or its surrounding waters but is being protested and delayed because of its potential impact on the Sailfish Marina’s fuel sales. Boats that aren’t “big enough” and don’t consume enough fuel are experiencing major difficulties getting service and there have been a staggering number of complaints by boaters in the community that are being turned away from the Sailfish Marina simply for purchasing fuel from the Buccaneer.

With these actions and the attempted misuse of public funds, the Sailfish Marina has made it very clear that they are not interested in public safety, maintaining public access or in helping the local economy thrive. Their only concern is generating a strong bottom line for their parent company, Great American Insurance Co., which is being fed by fuel sales.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the Sailfish Marina, or if you have been turned down for fuel service, Please contact us at to file a formal complaint.



An icon in West Palm Beach, FL along the Lake Worth Inlet, the Buccaneer has served the community for over 50 years. Our Anglers Club and lounge have become something of legend. We are extremely excited to announce the resurrection of the Buccaneer Marina. Our docks are open and service will be uninterrupted while we are in construction.

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